Portman PH7045 Sprung leading edge door pull, morticed into the door leading edge. Push in to eject pull handle, and locks back in place when depressed.

Suitable for installation in FD30 applications when fitted with IP7045 intumescent pack

PH7045: 220 x  20mm Sprung door edge pull (Ea)

Finishes: (forend and screws only)
SSS: Satin stainless steel (320 fine grit)
PSS: Bright Polished stainless steel
PNP: Slightly softer and whiter in colour than PSS, nickel plate also has self levelling properties which make for a slightly smoother final finish
SNP: Satin nickel plate
ABR: Antique Brass, Electrobrass plated vertically distressed giving high and low lights, lacquer sealed.
SBL: Satin Brass, Lacquered
PBL: Polished Brass, Lacquered
OBZ: Old Bronze. Electrobrass plated artificially patina’d and relieved giving high and low lights, lacquer sealed.
DBZ: Dark Bronze. Electrobrass plated heavy patination and gently relieved giving rich dark brown/black colour, lacquer sealed
NST: Any stocked RAL powdercoat, e.g. Black/White


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Pop out pull handle