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In addition to supplying fully finished doors of the highest quality, we offer doors at various stages of production. Our doors are manufactured using solid core construction only. Typically doors will then be hardwood lipped and faced in high quality veneers or laminates or primed and painted. Decorative grooves or panelling, inlays and apertures can all be accommodated within the final design.

Door Cores (substrates)

Aside from where solid timber doors are specified we use either GDC or MDF-faced Laminboard as the cores for our doors. Both cores types offer exceptional structural stability, are good for machining and working (e.g. if feature grooves are required) and can be used for a wide range of door leaf sizes up to 3m tall x 1.8m wide.


Doors - Veneered

We have access to a huge range of the highest quality real wood veneers (either as pre-prepared layons or as leaves to be arranged by us) with a wide range of cut and jointing options. Doors being veneered will typically also include concealed hardwood lippings of the same species, the whole door leaf is then final lacquer finished in sheen levels matt, satin or burnished full gloss.
In addition to wood veneers we can apply high pressure laminates (HPL) - melamine decorative coating on a substrate of resin impregnated kraft paper, these are generally in the region of 0.8 mm to 1.2 mm thick, we can apply any commercially available laminate to door faces with hardwood edge lippings in either exposed or concealed configurations. Readily available laminates are from manufacturers such as Formica, Polyrey, Duropal, other solid sheet material such as ABS and Acrylic may be applied to door faces and edges in the same way.

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Doors - Painted

Our painted doors use pigmented lacquer or paint and are factory applied spray finishes. Generally Acid Catalyst (AC) or Polyurethane (PU) based, they are the robust and durable for product of this type and provide a finish which is aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain.

We can provide or match the vast majority of colours. Our most commonly produced colour is a ‘base white’ which does not have a specific RAL colour. Our paint/lacquer suppliers can provide us with any RAL colour and can also match leading paint manufacturers pallet’s at various sheen levels. Available as standard in sheen levels of matt, satin or burnished full gloss.

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