What are Pocket Doors?

In the UK there is an increasingly stark requirement for high quality housing, however, as population densities increase and average property sizes decrease, the need to develop innovative ways of utilising the finite space available is facilitating the development of new products and solutions.

The Portman pocket door system is ideal where design flexibility and space saving are of prime importance. Being able to slide a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom door within a wall and out of the way saves about 6% of the overall floor area or 10 sq ft per door.

Designed and produced in the UK, the Portman pocket door system comprises the latest sliding door technology, quality robust components and an exceptionally easy installation. With Portman, specifying pocket door options is easy. Any standard timber door blank or frameless glass panel can be used and there are no bottom rails mounted into the flooring creating a dust trap or trip hazard. Door leaves are held in place to prevent wobble or sway. High quality rollers and bearing surfaces will provide years of maintenance free service and consistent high performance.