Power Operated Portman's powered pocket door systems can be used in a single or double door leaf bi-parting configuration. The opening and closing speed depends on the door leaf’s weight and it can be infinitely adjusted via a potentiometer. The system accommodates a wide variety of functionality from Power assisted “Push & Go” through to push button operated. A variety of additional activators such as PIR and/or safety sensors can also be built into the system, see “switching overview” on page 6 of the fitting instructions.

For further information please see the fitting instructions below or contact the sales office on T:01462 44446

  • Electromechanical sliding door operator for internal doors between 20kg and 80kg
  • Adjustable opening and closing speed
  • Adjustable hold open delay WC function (requires additional electromechanical lock)
  • Self learning position initialisation set up Mains powered via fused spur or 13amp plug. No requirement for independent power supply
  • Integrated "Push & Go" function - small manual movement engages operator
  • Close cycle safety stop. When door hits obstacle door auto opens
  • Option to add push button open/close (requires separate buttons)
  • Option to add additional safety sensors
  • Power failure, default manual operation

NOT suitable for Fire Rated applications

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