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Fire Rated - FD60 Kits

Tue, 10/07/2014 - 15:05 -- Simon Gardiner
Fire Rated - FD60 Kits

Doors for use with FD60 Portman kits are 44mm thick and of specialist manufacture and comprise a unique construction to comply with the scope of certification. FD60 approved kits are limited in size/surface area, please see below. For further guidance please contact the sales office. Portman doors can offer a wide range of finishes on an approved door blanks. 

Kit options:
PFD60 SD - door up to 2100 x 626-926 x 44mm
PFD60 ID - door up to 2100 x 927-1101 x 44mm

PFD60 TD - door up to 2352 x 626-926 x 44mm
PFD60 ITD - door up to 2352 x 927-1101 x 44mm


Fire Rated - FD60 Kits
(max door thickness 44mm)

Single Door

  • Wp = Door panel width
  • Hp = Door panel height
  • W = (2Wp)+20mm
  • H = Hp+95mm
  • Sp = Wp+31mm
  • Op = Wp-95mm
  • Oh = Hp-33mm
Compatible Accessories
P7598 Touch Latch P7598 Touch Latch

With a gentle press the Portman quick release P7598 “touch latch” gently ejects the door leaf from the pocket and removes the need for a finger pull to be fitted on the leading edge of the door.


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Wall Reinforcing Kit (P5700) Wall Reinforcing Kit (P5700)

The P5700 kit is designed for use with pocket kits whereby the door leaf exceeds 2400mm high. The kit comprises 4no 3m lengths as pictured which are to be cut to length on site, These struts sit around the dovetail profile ...

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  • Doors - Painted
    Our painted doors use pigmented lacquer or paint and are factory applied spray finishes. Generally Acid Catalyst (AC) or ...
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  • Doors - Veneered
    We have access to a huge range of the highest quality real wood veneers (either as pre-prepared layons or as leaves to be ...
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